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Best Art Supply Store
Blick Art Supply

For five years, Blick Art Supply has been providing Savannah’s creatives with [art supplies]

“We’re known for the selection we have, keeping the product on the shelves and keeping a good variety in the store,” says general manager Adam Jenkins.

The selection at Blick is unrivaled, particularly for the needs of local artists.

“We ask what they’re looking for and we definitely have it,” says Jenkins. “There’s definitely local deviation within the stores. Here we sell a lot of paint, a lot of canvases.”

Blick is a family-owned business that started in 1911 when Dick Blick—yes, that was his real name—went door-to-door selling pens. Ever since, it’s been a reliable art supply chain that caters to its local audience.

One perk of the Savannah store is its art gallery, placing it directly in the local art scene. The entire upstairs is a dedicated gallery space that Blick donates to the community.

“We don’t take any commission; any sales go through the artist,” says Jenkins. “They’re responsible for their advertising, their opening. Anything they want to do within the parameters is fine with us.”

The gallery is on the Savannah Art Walk and is booked about a year in advance.

Blick Savannah is also fortunate in that it’s the only store located in the I-95 corridor.

“There are a lot of students, but we also get a lot of people from Hilton Head, Brunswick, and Jacksonville,” says Jenkins. “We have a lot of tourists and people who are like, ‘Oh, I order from you but I’ve never been in a store before.” – Rachael Flora

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