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Best Local Bath Products Store
Nourish Natural Bath Products

Nourish is a great Broughton Street favorite, family-owned by Shoshanna and Corey Walker. What began as a home hobby for making soaps has grown into a successful mission to offer natural and eco-friendly bath and beauty products to Savannah.

Shoshanna Walker and her mother began selling their handmade creations in 1997, and grew into a retail store in 2000. Since then, the Walkers have founded locations for Nourish across the region.

However, the owners still focus on putting the time and care into every product by locally making small batches of each, and they still take pride in staying true to Mrs. Walker’s mother’s recipes and techniques.

They put emphasis on using the best ingredients, chemical-free, that not only fill their store with amazing smells, but also have beneficial effects on the body. Nourish draws in tourists and locals alike, and has encouraged both to seek out more natural, environmentally-conscious, bath products. —Sophia Morekis

Runner-up: 40 Volume Salon